Hour/Tachometer Meter for Inductive Spark Engine (Maint/RPM Alert) ATV BOAT SNOW


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Combination Tachometer, Hour Meter and Maintenance Reminder

  • Fits all internal combustion engines utilizing ignition wire 
  • Green backlit LCD 
  • Shows RPM while engine is running and hours with engine off 
  • Records Max RPM 
  • Over-Rev and RPM alerts can be set 
  • Replaceable battery with battery life indicator 
  • Maintenance reminder feature is programmable from 0-200 hours 
  • IP65 Water resistant, some penetration permitted. 
  • Easy fast installation, no power or ground required 
  • Adjustable RPM refresh rate from 0.5 seconds to 1.0 seconds 
  • Max 20K RPM
    Max 99,999 hours, 
  • Total cumulative hours are non-resettable 
  • 1 Year manufactures warranty

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