Changing Out Your Synthetic Rope for Winter Plowing

Winter is here! Every winter many of us snow plow with our ATV using a winch to raise and lower the plow. Using your existing 25ft or longer¬†synthetic rope is not recommended as it will take a beating and fray out rope after repetitively sliding through your hawse. Many customers ask us if they should change swap it out for the winter. The answer is YES! If your rope is coming to the end of its life, you can get away with using it for the plowing and purchase a new rope after the winter. But for all others with a rope in good condition, for a low cost you can save your rope! We sell 2 sizes of plow rope in 3/16″ x 6.5′ and 3/16″ x 12′ for those who want a few more wraps on the spool. We want your synthetic rope to last as long as possible. Rowe Offroad sells premium synthetic rope made from high strength Dyneema fiber, stronger than steel cables! Good luck with winter plowing!

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